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Florida Professional Law Group helps discover and recover insurance money.

Reduce loss severity and increase profitability. Let Florida Professional Law Group help discover and recover insurance benefits that you may be leaving on the table.

Properties in foreclosure are often damaged. Although the damage may be insured, Mortgage Servicers and Asset Managers often don’t have the time or ability to focus on recovering insurance proceeds that they deserve. Their traditional law firms don’t deal with these matters.

Our team is unique: Our attorneys have successfully represented major Mortgage Servicers and Asset Managers in foreclosures, bankruptcies, litigation and closings. Our attorneys have also represented insurance companies. We combine experience that is not usually found in one firm to collect insurance money for our clients.

We understand the importance of action, timelines, performance and reporting. FLPLG gets results. With our help Mortgage Servicers and Asset Managers may be able to reduce loss severity and increase profitability.

Property Insurance Claims for Investors & Institutions

Investors and institutions may own multiple properties in different locations. They may not be aware of all of the insured losses experienced by those properties or may fail to adequately document those losses and manage the insurance claims process.

We can help investors and institutions establish programs to inspect their properties to identify and document insured losses and to then aggressively make and pursue the necessary claims.

Institutions, investors and lenders should call us to see if we can establish a program that will increase return on investment or reduce loss severity.
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Insurance Bad Faith Claims

The law requires your insurance company to act in good faith when adjusting your claim. If your insurance company has failed to act in good faith by denying or delaying payments on the coverage that you are entitled to, or by not complying with the Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code you may have reason to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for damages created by their conduct.