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Public Adjusters

The attorneys at Florida Professional Law Group, PLLC aggressively work with Public Adjusters to advocate for our clients to recover the money that they deserve. The FLPLG Action Plan™ is our process for relentless action to help achieve your goals. Your case is important to us and will remain on track and in focus.

About Public Adjusters:

A public adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who represents policyholders in appraising and negotiating insurance claims. Aside from attorneys, public adjusters licensed by the state are the only claims adjusters that can legally represent an insured in an insurance claim process. Public adjusters understand the insurance claims process, policies and insured’s rights. They review insurance policies to determine the coverage, appraise the property damage, prepare an estimate and other claim documents and negotiate with the insurance company on behalf of the insured.

The Florida Legislature’s Report on The Success of Public Adjusters:

Public adjusters collect 19% to 747% more.

The Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) conducted a study of public insurance adjusters and their effect on certain insurance claims. That report found that insureds who used a public adjuster typically collected between 19% and 747% more than those who handled their own claim. To learn more read the study here.

Different Types of Insurance Claims Adjusters:

There are three types of insurance claims adjusters licensed by the State of Florida:

1. Public adjusters are independent contractors that work for the policyholder in settling claims.
2. Staff or company adjusters are directly employed by an insurance company. They only represent an insurance company.
3. Independent adjusters contract directly with insurance companies to provide adjusting services. They only represent an insurance company.


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