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Mediation Services

Because of his diverse legal and business background, Marc Ben-Ezra is often selected by other attorneys as a professional mediator to help them settle cases. He has earned a reputation for making clients feel heard, respected and important because he comprehends both sides of a dispute, and commands respect as he uses experience, and problem solving skills to get to the heart of an issue.

Cases are resolved by helping people to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, so that they can settle their differences. Marc knows that every case is important to the parties involved so he listens carefully to people to understand what is needed, speaks bluntly when necessary and he diffuses stressful situations so the process becomes clearer for all of the parties involved. Marc has developed a reputation for working successfully and strategically, in confidence with each of the attorneys to them help achieve the best possible results for the case, for their clients and for the mediation opportunity.

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