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Insurance Claims & Coverage Dispute Litigation

We aggressively represent residential and commercial property owners to help recover the maximum amount that they deserve when their insurance company has improperly adjusted, investigated, denied or under-paid a claim.

Insurance claims can be stressful and make property owners feel vulnerable, frustrated and intimidated. We are accessible and consistently communicate to keep our clients up to date on the status of their claims.


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Types of properties:

• Homes
• Condominiums
• Investment Properties
• Apartment Buildings
• Strip Centers
• Motels and Hotel
• Office Buildings
• Industrial Properties
• Condo Associations
• Homeowner Associations
• Yachts and Marinas
• Government Properties
• Mortgage Lenders
• Mortgage Servicers
• REO Properties
• Restaurants

People purchase insurance expecting to be protected if an emergency, accident or act of Mother Nature occurs. Public adjusters do a good job of getting insurance companies to pay claims, but sometimes insurance companies delay, deny or underpay claims. Since insurance companies are powerful corporations there is an imbalance of power between the policy holder and the company.

When insurance companies don’t pay a claim, a difficult situation can escalate to the point of needing an attorney. That’s when Florida Professional Law Group steps in to help.

Insurance policies are complicated. We can level the playing field to make sure that your insurance company lives up to its promises. By understanding how large companies operate, we help public adjusters, homeowners, mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, associations and business owners take on their insurance companies so their claims are paid properly and fairly. FLPLG protects property owners and increases the risk for their insurance companies.

Insured events could include:

• Natural Disasters
• Floods
• Windstorms
• Vandalism
• Business Interruption
• Hurricanes
• Mold
• Sinkholes
• Plumbing Leaks
• Relocation
• Burst Pipes
• Fire
• Hail
• Burglaries
• Loss of Use or Income

Attorney’s fees shouldn’t prevent you from receiving highly skilled representation in a difficult situation. Our fees are often paid by the insurance company or on a contingency basis. We will usually not be paid unless you are paid.