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Insurance Claims

Florida Professional Law Group, PLLC represents residential and commercial property owners to help recover what they deserve when their insurance company has improperly adjusted, investigated, denied or under-paid a claim. Suffering damages to a property and dealing with the uncertainties related to insurance claims can be stressful and make property owners feel vulnerable, frustrated and intimidated. The attorneys at Florida Professional Law Group, PLLC aggressively advocate for our clients so that they recover the maximum amount to which they are entitled. We are accessible and consistently communicate to keep our clients up to date on the status of their claims.

We’re Here for You When Your Insurance Company Isn’t.

Property Insurance

  • Homeowners
  • Condo Associations
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Office Buildings
  • Motels and Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Investment Properties
  • Commercial Strip Malls
  • Yachts and Marinas
  • Government Properties
  • Industrial Properties
  • Reo Properties
  • Mortgage Servicer’s

Property owners purchase insurance with good intentions knowing that if an emergency, accident or act of Mother Nature occurs that they will be safe. Public adjusters do a great job of getting an insurance company to pay your claim, but sometimes insurance companies use tactics to delay, deny or underpay claims. Since insurance companies are large powerful corporations thereis a huge imbalance of power between the policy holder and the company. When they don’t handle your claim properly, a difficult situation can escalate to the point of your needing legal representation.That’s when Florida Professional Law Group steps in to help.The legal language in an insurance policy is extremely complicated. Hiring an experienced attorney to skillfully represent you levels the playing field to make sure that your insurance company lives up to its promises. Understanding how large companies operate, we help public adjusters, homeowners, mortgage lenders, servicers, investors, governmental entities, associations and business owners take on their insurance companies so that their claims are paid properly and fairly. By hiring us you will add an additional level of protection while increasing the risk for your insurance company.

Insured events could include: accidents from natural disasters, hurricanes, floods, mold, fires, windstorms, sinkholes, hail, tornados vandalism, construction defects, plumbing leaks, burst pipes, burglaries and other insured events that may result in the loss of use of the property, the need to relocate and /or business interruption.

When making a decision to hire an attorney to represent you in an insurance claim dispute, you might be concerned about legal fees. When you hire Florida Professional Law Group, attorney’s fees shouldn’t prevent you from receiving highly skilled representation in a difficult situation. Our fees are often paid by the insurance company or on a contingency basis.

We like to say that we help you when your insurance company won’t. – As part of that commitment, we will usually not be paid unless we help you to be paid.

Florida Professional Law Group’s attorneys and staff will help you to experience the peace-of–mind that comes from knowing that you have hired a dedicated, talented and skilled Insurance Law firm that’s focused and committed to getting you the best possible results. Our number one priority is protecting your rights by getting you the results you deserve.

Insurance Bad Faith Claims

The law requires your insurance company to act in good faith when adjusting your claim. If your insurance company has failed to act in good faith by denying or delaying payments on the coverage that you are entitled to, or by not complying with the Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code you may have reason to file a lawsuit to receive compensation for damages created by their conduct.

Florida Professional Law Group Helps People When Their Insurance Companies Won’t